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Slightly Settled Nomads

Funny that my first published personal essay — about feeling like a slightly settled nomad — posted today on Full Grown People, when we finally began moving back into our home, where we will — maybe — live for three years. Unpacking walls of boxes strangely feels like an adventure when you just don’t know what each box, packed two years prior, may hold.

We had some fun finds, including my beloved cheesy workout DVDs (Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly,and Boyshort Bottom being one of them!) and even better Tom’s original wedding ring. Fits even better than it did on our wedding day. I’ll take that as a good sign.

Sincere thanks to FGP editor Jennifer Niesslein for working with me on “Slightly Settled Nomads,” an essay that means a lot to me as it tackles the question I’ve been struggling with ever since Tom joined the Navy — what if I want to stay, and he, again, wants to go?

Below is the beginning. To read on, visit FGP, and read a few of the other essays while you’re at it. Essays about the growing pains and delights of adulthood. Edifying every time.

Slightly Settled Nomads

My husband and I weren’t fighting, just winding down dinner, discussing life, our future. Then it happened—a mutual, unspoken realization, and all we could do was stare in silence across the table, weighing the words we’d just said:

“Constantly moving just isn’t the life I signed up for.” I’d shrugged, thinking he’d nod and say, “We’ll see” or maybe, “We’ll settle down one day.”

Instead, he said, “Well. I thought I married someone who loved to travel.”

His hazel eyes remained steady.

“I do love to travel.”

My blues eyes resisted a blink.

“I know, but you said you wanted to live overseas.”

“For a few months, Tom, not a life of constantly moving.” Exactly what his career as a Navy judge advocate now required of him. Of us. … (Read on at FGP)




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