Personal and travel writing by Breawna Power Eaton


I’m a freelance writer and editor; a lover of stories both written and told; a believer in the power of words to forge connections across time and boundaries, both geographical and personal. For me, writing -- much like reading -- is a way to explore the world in ways I wouldn't on my own.

My Philosophy: Craft writing worthy of readers’ time

No longer is a writer’s greatest challenge to tell a good story or provide clear, coherent information. First, she must catch readers’ attention (a difficult task with words alone these days) AND THEN make the writing so good that readers lose track of time and gratefully so.

But how does one do this? What separates the stories people forget from the stories we cannot let go – the ones that grip us, strikes us deep within, and become a part of us forever?

The stories we forget have no pulse. They are descriptions of experiences, yes, but they don’t cause us to connect or disconnect or move us to question.

Whether writing to inform or entertain (or both), I strive to find (and ensure readers feel) the pulse of a piece. How? By excavating experience -- mining through the facts, figures, and details -- to figure out and then communicate the answer to the oh-so-daunting questions, So what? Why does this matter?

Need a meticulous writer to craft your story, research, or information into an engaging read? Need an editor to polish your work -- trimming, adding, and re-organizing – to create a final product that is clear, cohesive, and error-free? Look no further. Contact me.

Want to see my philosophy in action? Check out my Writing for a sampling of clips and my blog for adventurous tales of getting lost and unlost in travel, life, and love.